Social Practice

1.1 Greeting people and responding to greetings
Sample productions: Hi, Hello; Good morning/ evening/... (Mrs. Gonzàlez/ Miss Navarro/...); How are you?, How do you do?; I'm fine/OK (, thank you/thanks. And you?).

Social Practice
1.2 Communicating in the classroom
Sample productions: Instructions: Open/ Close the door/ your notebook/...; Open your book at page 3/27/...,Raise your hand; Stand up; Go to your seat/ the front/...(,please); Come in (,please); Sit down (, please); Listen to the conversation/ your classmate/..., Circle/ Underline the correct answer/ the cognates/...; Match the columns/ the words with the phrases/...; Work in pairs/ teams/...; Read/ Complete the dialogue/ the sentences/...
Roll call: Present/ Here; Absent
Permission: May I come in/ go to the bathroom/...?
Dates: What day is it today? (Today/ It is) Monday/ Thursday/... (August 30th/ September 3rd/...);

1.3 Maintaining communications in our out of the classroom
Sample productions: Repetition: Sorry?; Pardon?: Repeat, please; Can you say that again (,please)?
Interruption: Excuse me...
Finding information: What's the meaning of "afternoon"/ "underline"/...? How do yo say "cuaderno"/ "baño"/...in English?; How do yo spell "Wednesday"/ "evening"/...?


1.1 Introducing oneself and other people
Sample productions: I'm Daniel; He/ This is Tony; She/ That is Paula; My/ Her name is Johanna; He's an accountant/ a taxi driver/...; she's a doctor/ an athlete/...;He/ She's a 20/13...(years old); I'm from Mexico/England/...;He/She is canadian/Chinese/...

1.2 Asking for and giving personal details
Sample productions: What's yor/his hame?; (My/His name is) Ana/Samuel; What's your last name?; (My last name/It is) Garcìa; How old are you?; (I'm) 12/14...(years old); Where are they from?; (They're from) Brazil/The United States/...;They're Brazilian/American/...; What's your telephone number/e-mail adress/...?; (My telephone number/ It is) 11128904; (My e-mail adress is) secondary_kid@redescolar.org.mx; What's yor occupation?; What do you do?; I'm a student/an engineer/...


2.1 Askingand answering questions about personal possesions
Sample productions: It/ This is Ana's/ her skirt sweater/...; These/ Those are Mario's/ his jeans/ glasses/...; Is that my/ your jacket/ scarf/...?; Yes, It is; No it isn't; Are these/ those your gloves/ tennis shoes/...?; Yes they are; No, tehy aren't.

2.2 Describing what people are wearing and/ or doing at the moment of speaking
Sample productions: They're sitting/ standing, next to/ in front of/...Mary; He/ She is wearing boots/ jeans/...; Are they playing/ eating/...?, Yes, they are; No, they aren't; Is he/ she wearing blue jeans/ a black jacket/...?; Yes, he/ she is; No, he/ she isn't; What are you doing?; We're watching TV/ studying/...; What is he/ she wearing?; (He/ She is wearing) red shorts/a white T-shirt/...


3.1 Expressing preferences, likes and dislikes
Sample productions: I love/ like...pop music/ reading/...; He/ She hates/ doesn't like comics/ swimming/...; Do you like action films/ playing basketball/...?, Yes, I do; No, I don't; Does he/ she like love stories/ collecting stamps/...?; Yes, he/ she does; No, he/ she doesn't.

3.2 Inviting and responding to invitations

Sample productions: Would you like to dance/ go to a party/...?; Why don't we go to the amusement park/ the movies/...?; Let's play soccer/ go for an ice-cream/ ...; Shall we listen to music/ go for a walk/...?; (Yes) I'd love to; That sounds great; That's a good idea; No, thank you/ thanks. I'd prefer to watch TV/ to stay at home/...


4.1 Asking and telling the time
Sample productions: What time is it?; What's the time?; It's (a) quater to three/ half past eleven/...; It's nine thirty/ o'clock/...

4.2 Asking for and giving informarion about everyday activities
Sample productions: I (usually/ never/...) getup/ havelunch/...at five; We (always/ sometimes/...) study/ exercise/...in the afternoon; Does he/ she play soccer/ swin/...(on Saturday)?; Yes, he/ she does; No, he/ she doesn't; What time do you start school/ take a shower...) At seven thirty; How often does he/ she go to the movies/ go out for lunch/...?; Twice/ Three times a week/ month/...; What do they (usually) do at the weekend/ on Friday/...?; They (sometimes) visit their grandmother/ rent videos/...; The panda eats bamboo. I'ts from China.


5.1 Giving simple information about places
Sample productions: There's a hotel/ a restaurant next to the bank/ on Reforma Avenue/...; You can have a sandwich in the cafè/ buy a plane ticket at the travel agency/...

5.2 Asking the way and giving directions
Sample productions: (Excuse me,) Where's the library/ the cinema/...?; It's on the corner (of Morelos and Zapata)/ on Roosevelt Street/...; Where can I find a post office/ buy a stamp/...?; How can I get to the park/ the library/...?; Go along this street/ Atlanta Road/...; Turn right/ left into Hidalgo Avenue; Go past the chuch/ the mall/...; Is there a telephone/ an Italian restaurant/...around here/ near your house/...?; (Yes) There's one/ It's opposite the pharmacy/ mext to the subway station/...; No, there isn't. (But there's one/ a Japanesse restaurant/...on Lincoln street/ in the town centre/...)

Pàgina Principal

(Escuela Cima)